Thank you, California Patriots!

 A fantastic Convention was enjoyed by all!
 Congresswoman Michele Bachmann...what a joy to behold!  You reminded us of who we are as Americans...that we are a  good and generous people, blessed by God, and given a divine  appointment. Please come back to California!
  Tom Paine, you reminded us of our heritage and you  encouraged us to be bold as our go forth and  save the nation and bring it back to honesty and glory.
  And Phyllis Schlafly, there was no one more gracious, more  inspiring, more dedicated than are our role model.
 We of California Eagle Forum and Eagle Forum San Diego  thank you!
 Pictures available               !!!  Contact our photojournalist  Barry Baron for your photos with Michele  at this email:                                      or call him at (619) 866-9702.
 Now, the hard work of
winning elections begins...if you are a  member of any Eagle Forum in California, or I-Caucus, or  any Tea Party or Liberty Group, contact Orlean at                                   and get your assignment.
America and California needs you now more than ever!
Mrs. Orlean Kohle, President, California Eagle Forum
Mrs. Orlean Koehle
California Eagle Forum
National Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum State Presidents
Eagle Forum Collegians
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